Modern media burps stories. Foreground:  a blood-shot eyed stick figure freaks out (your instincts).
Modern media is sort just burping tons of stories at you. And you eat it up, cuz evolution. And no systems-level problems get solved.

Humanity’s problems are real…

With a single line of code

D3 animation of a radial chart to lollipop charts
Building complex, animating visualizations with just D3.js and vanilla Javascript gets messy fast. The Hook use-d3-transition makes this task easy by letting you use the React modularity you know and love (like in the GIF above!)
Pass the attributes you want to animate, and then use what useD3Transition returns to you! Done.

What We Want: React + D3 Transitions

Illustration by Natalia Kiseleva (eolay13)

A woman sits cross-legged, a laptop and an array of in-progress data visualizations scattered around her.
Illustration by Natalia Kiseleva (eolay13)

Part 1 of a series on creating a culture where dataviz professionals thrive and unlock the power of your data.

There’s an incredible, untapped opportunity…

David Mora

Systems storyteller & software engineer.

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